Lomo Saltado Peruvian Dish

I prepared a Peruvian dish called Lomo Saltado for dinner one night with marginal success.  Lomo Saltado is a popular, traditional Peruvian dish, a stir fry that typically combines marinated strips of sirloin (or other beef steak) with onions, tomatoes, french fries, and other ingredients; and is typically served with rice and topped with Aji sauce. I enjoyed the dish and would recommend it to anyone. 

Greek Easter

Anyone who knows me knows that I love food! So when I was invited to my friends grandparents house who are from Greece for Greek Easter I was all in! They had everything thing from lamb on a spick to quiche. It was amazing, though some of the good I enjoyed more than others. 

Crucial Conversations

I read the book crucial conversations in which several authors studied how some people are able to have conversations without it becoming emotional and unproductive but rather beneficial and clear minded, whether it’s when someone makes an offhand comment about your family, talking to a neighbor about property lines, or a big business deal there are principles that will help you to have a conversation and benefit from it. I loved it and am so grateful I could improve myself in order to communicate with anyone and not lose out to emotion and to have products, brave and clear crucial conversations.

Bombay House

I ate Indian food for the first time with my friend Michael at a restaurant in Provo named Bombay House. First thing is first, the food was really good. The atmosphere was a beautiful touch though I know little of Indian furnishing or culture. All the employees seemed to me to be natives from India or native decent, which added to the seeming authenticity. I had the chicken Tikka Masala, breast meat barbecued in tandoor oven, then cooked with bell pepper, onion, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, cream, and spices. The flavors were new and exciting and took a bit getting used to. I enjoyed the rice it was served with. The garlic naan bread was my favorite part, teardrop-shaped white bread baked in tandoor (clay oven) with a touch of garlic), mmmmmmm. We ate with silverware and all in all I will definitely return to Indian food again. 

Chinese New Year

The Chinese new year cultural event held in the Grand Ballroom at UVU was quit the spectacle of culture and children performances. Booths ranged round the entry to the ballroom full of treats and cultural learnings. Children looked and learned and performed in celebration of the Chinese culture. The performances were the most entertaining and it was something to see the display of friendship among the children from all backgrounds. 




Race and Relationships

My sister and my brother-in-law have been married for 8 years and have 3 children together. My brother in law is full Navajo native american. Our family was brought up in Denver, CO associating with families of many races including Italians, African Americans, and Mexicans. As such I feel this has helped us to embrace other cultures. We are a quarter Irish and quarter Native American but fall into white category as we are mix. It is wonderful to my sister doften participating, as well as their children, in Navajo cultural events such a pow wows. My niece danced in a pow wow at UVU this past week and my sister was their supporting her and her family culture. They haven’t been without struggle in the mixing of cultures but they are supportive and communicate and its led them to have a happy marriage and family. I know it’s been different with one atoners families but both families have been supportive and very welcoming of the couple and the couple has loved and respected the family. The willingness to learn and try seems to be a key factor in growth of love for the cultures and relationship.

Privilege to Privilege

Always Learning

The activity we did in class Tuesday was interesting for several reasons. The first thing I found interesting was regarding the fact that I made it into the gold “class” the first round and wanted to give our extra chips to the lowest scorers in our class, since we weren’t allowed to give them to other classes or I would have, and everyone else in our class was trying to figure out how to benefit the tope people in our class or our class with the points. Than when we had the opportunity to change the rules, I wanted to scramble the scoring system so that there would be a lot more varied ways to earn points instead of gold being the best, but my class wanted to figure out how to “win”. I wanted to have FUN and make the game more strategic while leveling the playing field a bit and it was interesting how people cared more about winning or benefiting themselves versus having fun and helping others. I guess what I saw (because I have already learned this) from that was not everyone has the same outlook and objectives in games or life. It was interesting to have a look at society from the vantage of this small activity where the “power” remains with those that are privileged and that help each other and those in other “classes” have limited ways to change their class or standard of living or even opportunities.

I really appreciated the presentation on Thursday regarding race, especially the TED talk. The woman speaking opened my eyes to not condoning racist talk in our association and families as it may be passed down to the children in our world.  I believe it is very true that love and the humility is the key harmony among all races, though these words were never directly spoken. I believe pride and self love for our time and comfort is what takes away from our taking the time to get to know people that we have prejudice or other things against. The woman from the TED talk said to fight racism, go approach and get to know people who are different from you instead of pretending we don’t see race. I feel like that has been exactly my experience, you don’t care about some one or something until you invest in it. I cared a lot less about people from Mexico until I learned their language, about there culture, befriended them, and served them for two years.  Now, I don’t have the outlook I had on them 4 years ago and I love them for their differences and because we are all family. 



In my life I have had many blessings. I’m blessed to be live in this nation. I’m blessed for being introduced in a faith in Jesus Christ. I am blessed to have a mother and father who have loved and raised me together. In this life I have been privileged to things such as; education, health insurance, books at home, a warm safe house and bed, a community with those of my faith, a car, daily food and good water, and much much more. I don’t believe these have all come because I am a white male. I have had/have privileges that others do not  so you could say that I have been positively effected by privilege.  

I don’t believe its a negative thing that you may get a job because someone you and your family take time to associate with is willing to offer because of your relationship. Is it a privilege that you have access to opportunity because of where and with whom you spend your time? Perhaps. But I don’t believe its wrong or a negative thing anymore than its a wrong or negative thing to live closer to a river (water source) than your neighbor. In the same vein I don’t believe that it’s taking away from someone else opportunity in this instance, again if I live closer to the river. Sure my neighbor can’t live where I’m living, but it’s not an inherently wrong thing. Sure we could, “as a river community”, decide that everyone should move and rearrange property so that everyone gets to live the exact same distance from the river to make things “fair”, but then what? Who has the sunnier property? Who has the better soil? Who gets the trees for shade in the summer? Etc.

What I’m getting at here is I realize that some people are born and live closer to the river and it can be a “privilege”, but it’s not inherently wrong. It’s not the snatching away from another some opportunity that they would otherwise enjoy. That said, I feel for people that don’t have the privilege of two parents, education, running water, and many more privileges and I feel the people with more should effect more change by their actions and do more to help others. It’s a challenging thing to be unselfish in that way.